Tips for Surviving a Last-Minute Move

Do you need to move at the last minute? These tips will help you survive a last-minute move. 

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Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company's References

Looking to hire movers? Learn what questions you should ask a moving company's references. 

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What Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Moving Company

When you are in the market for Minneapolis movers, there are many companies you can turn to to help you with your upcoming move. But when before you hire any mover, there are many factors you need to look at o help you find the best moving company for you. Here are a few of the factors you will want to consider as you go about hiring a moving company.

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What to Unpack First After Your Move

All your goods have arrived safely at your new home, but you’re not ready to breathe a sigh of relief yet. Right now, you and your family are surrounded by loads of boxes and barely-arranged furniture pieces. You need to get started unpacking, but you don’t know what to do first. Check out these tips to make everything goes smoothly.

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What to Unpack First after Your Move

At first, you feel relief that your Minneapolis movers transported all your possessions to your new home on time and with no damage. But as you and your family remain surrounded by piles of unopened boxes, a sense of panic slowly grows because you have no idea what to do now. Minimize the stress by following these tips on what to unpack first:

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Protecting Your Vacant Home Before You Move In

Home movers in Minneapolis can pack your personal possessions, transport them efficiently across cities or states, and deliver them safely to your new destination. But they can only do that if the home you move to remains as empty, safe, and secure as it did when you signed its purchase contract. Here are a few tips for keeping your vacant home safe before you get there:

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Why Downsizing is Important Before You Move

Even if you’ve bought a bigger place, downsizing your possessions before you move offers several advantages. You’ll have to keep track of fewer things, which lowers your stress level and makes for a quicker packing and unpacking process. And because you’re not transporting as much through a home moving company in Minneapolis, you can save money. Here are some tips for downsizing:

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